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Offline mail reader for Windows and Macintosh.

(Click here for a description on how to run WinCOM on a Macintosh.)

download WinCOM 54U for Windows (WinCOM54U.exe, 491K)
download Fonts for WinCOM that work with Windows Vista
(included in the above file)
download Old fonts for WinCOM
(for running WinCOM with CrossOver under Linux)
download MacCOM 54V (64-bit) for MacOS 10.9 or later with Intel Processor
(, 535K)
download MacCOM 54V (64-bit) for MacOS 10.9 or later with Apple Processor
(, 496K)
  Installing WinCOM:
Open (run) the downloaded file. It will then guide you through the installation.
  Installing MacCOM:
If your web browser has not yet uncompressed the downloaded file, double-click on it to uncompress it.
Right-click on UnquarantineApp, choose "Open" and then click "Open".
If MacCOM is not yet installed, in your home folder create the folder "COM". Then move the MacCOM application to this folder.
If MacCOM is already installed, move the new MacCOM application to the folder that contains the old MacCOM application, replacing it.
  Upgrading an older version:
Downloading the full package will upgrade your WinCOM or MacCOM (whichever version number) without loss of any data or settings. Simply install the new WinCOM in the same folder as your current WinCOM/MacCOM and it will upgrade itself.
download Old help file for WinCOM
  It works with the latest WinCOM version but it has not been updated since WinCOM 34.
(To install it, unzip it to the WinCOM folder).
download NodeInfo.ini (right-click on download to download it)
  This file is included in WinCOM/MacCOM.
download Commands.dat version 10 for WinCOM/MacCOM
  To install it, double-click on the downloaded file and move the Commands.dat
file to the WinCOM/MacCOM folder replacing the old one.

Spelling Checker Spelling checker for WinCOM 41 and newer

A nice spelling checker for WinCOM (not available for Mac). To install, download the engine installation program and one (or more) of the dictionaries into a temporary folder, and install them in your present WinCOM (root) folder.

After writing a WinCOM text, simply press Alt-K to spell-check it (or click the WinCOM icon in the top left corner and select "Check Spelling" from the menu).

download Engine for Windows (287 K)
(includes American English dictionary)

Additional dictionaries (optional):

download British English (100'000 words, 195 K)
download Brazilian Portuguese  (119'000 words, 114 K)
download Danish (102'000 words, 152 K)
download Dutch (178'000 words, 330 K)
download Finnish (251'000 words, 599 K)
download French (137'000 words, 135 K)
download German (295'000 words, 385 K)
download Italian (283'000 words, 311 K)
download Norwegian (  95'000 words, 209 K)
download Portuguese (135'000 words, 188 K)
download Spanish (288'000 words, 277 K)
download Swedish (110'000 words, 134 K)

You can select which dictionary to use from the WinCOM menu: Options > Spell Checker > Options.

How to run WinCOM on the Macintosh

There are several possibilities to run WinCOM on the Macintosh:

If you are already using a virtual Windows like VirtualBox, VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop, then simply run WinCOM there. (VirtualBox is free of charge, the other ones cost something. And you need a Windows license.)

If you have already installed CrossOver, then install WinCOM with CrossOver. I no longer have CrossOver installed. But as I remember, you simply have to tell CrossOver that you want to install a program and that you have an installation program. Then run the downloaded WinCOM53.exe. (CrossOver costs 60 US$ but does not need Windows.)

Otherwise you can run WinCOM with WINE which is free of charge and does not need Windows. To install WINE and WinCOM, do the following:

  • Download the latest 1.8.x version of (not WineBottler) from If you get some advertisement, wait a few seconds and then click "SKIP AD". (Do not download version 1.4.1.x or 1.7.x because with them WinCOM will not work properly.)

    If you cannot download from, you can download it from but it may not be the latest version.

  • Open the downloaded file and move Wine to Applications.

  • Download WinCOM53.exe. Then right-click on the downloaded WinCOM53.exe and choose "Get Info". There make sure that it says "Open with: Wine". If it does not say that, then make Wine the default application to run .exe files. Then double-click on WinCOM53.exe to install WinCOM (choose "Run directly in ...") and uncheck all checkboxes except "Install the program files in following folder".

    When you run an .exe file the first time, several dialog boxes are shown. You can just close them all except the box that says "Run directly in ...". In that box click "Go".

If you are freshly installing WinCOM then WinCOM53.exe installs WinCOM in C:\COM which on the Mac is "Wine Files/drive_c/COM" in your home folder. This may not be a good location for WinCOM, especially if you have already installed MacCOM. If you already have installed MacCOM, then you should install WinCOM in the MacCOM folder. Otherwise I suggest to install WinCOM in the folder "COM" in your home folder.

To install WinCOM in a certain folder, at "Install the program files in following folder" write "Z:" followed by the full path of the desired folder. For example if you want to install WinCOM in /Users/yourname/COM, then enter "Z:/Users/yourname/COM" (without the quotes, and replace "yourname" with the actual name of your home folder). Then you can run WinCOMx.exe in that folder.

You can also download and install a dictionary after you have run WinCOM once.


In WINE and thus in WinCOM the driver letter of the Macintosh hard disk is Z:

Instead of pressing the Alt key (as done in Windows), you have to press the Cmd (Apple) key. For example Cmd-N for a new text.

If the font in dialog boxes is too small, then, if not yet running, start Wine (in Applications) and click on the wine glass in the menu, there click on "Configuration" and in the "Graphics" tab increase the screen resolution. And in the "Desktop Integration" tab you can configure different sizes, like the font size in menus. Then restart WinCOM.